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Reserve - Parco Marano 2005

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Marano Riserva 3

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1 Bottle Parco Marano 2005


Nero di Troia grape has a great capability of aging. As time goes by it expresses itself with elegance and complexity, and its color shows that the wine still has a long time to live.

PARCO MARANO Castel del Monte DOC Rosso Nero di Troia 100%, 14 months aging in barrique



The season has been quite similar to 2004 one for temperatures and raininess. The color is intense, slightly more developed rather the 2004. At the nose notes of ripe fruit, sweeter and slightly less fresh than the 2004 notes with a less reduction in the evolution. The taste is really important, this wine has a great structure with a final marked by a still quite present but sweet tannin.

Availability 40 bottles